House of Dawn - Home for Young Mother's and their Children-Street Beautification Project

The Rotary Club of Lake Spivey /Clayton County will be collecting and purchasing landscaping supplies and flowers to beautify the area around the. "House of Dawn". The "House of Dawn" is a shelter for teen mothers and their children. The landscaping work will be done on the front exterior. After this project is completed, there will be a permanent Rotary sign on display.

The House of Dawn has as its mission to 1) provide a stable, loving, home for young mothers and their children under adult supervision and 2) to provide young mothers with the educational opportunities and the life training skills that they will need to become independent, self-supporting women.

The Second Chance Home serves teen mothers ages 13-19 and their children that are in state custody or experiencing homelessness, in a congregate living arrangement under 24-hour adult supervision.

The Traditional Housing program serves young mothers ages 18-24 and their children, who need supportive housing assistance in furnished apartments.

The independent Housing program serves young mothers ages 18-21 and their children in a congregate living arrangement that fosters greater independence.

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House of Dawn