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Back to School Bash

School Supplies and back packs were collected and donated along with volunteer hours to stuff bags with school supplies and pass out bags to students and families in a very needy area of our community.

The event was a community event at our local Independence Park. We assisted with registration as well.

There was food given away, free health screening, bouncy slides etc.

This project was organized by another organization along with one of our local commissioners and did not cost the club money from the budget, but also made others aware of Rotary and the great things that we do for our community.

Our Rotary club was recognized several times from the stage for our participation and donation of supplies.

The balance of the supplies have been donated to other local elementary and middle schools. They have started a supply corner at some of these schools as well.

Also while working along other community minded individuals, we found a new member for the club!


Donation of books with labels honoring our speakers

We donate a library book honoring each of our speakers during the past year. We purchase the books, donate labels in honor of our speakers. We give each speaker a plaque after they speak each week and once a year we go to the school's library and put the labels in the books.

This is coordinated with the school's principal and library, as the books must be approved.

This gives the school much needed new books and encourages the children to read.

This project covers literacy, youth, education as well as public image.

Our sponsored Rotaract club assists with this project as well.


Human Trafficking /Gigi's House

Gigi's House is dedicated to serving girls ages 13-19 who are victims of sex trafficking.

The home will provide a safe home, licensed trauma therapy, home school, life skills, mentoring for up to 18 months so that the recipients can survive as healthy adults and build futures that they deserve.

This home is a non profit entity in the process of being built with planned opening in September 2017.

The home will house 10 girls for up to 18 months after they have been extracted by the police from sex trafficking and homelessness and turned over to the Department of Family and Children Services and will then be placed into the custody of Gigi's House for transformation, so that they may one day be active and healthy members of society.

The home that is being built will need furnishings and many supplies on an ongoing basis.

Included but not limited to:

10 beds and mattresses, dressers, desks, laptops.

Other common area furnishings such as: appliances, dining & living room furniture.

There is a need for fundraising and collection of food and supplies which the Rotary club would be contributing man hours to assist with these ongoing needs.

This project meets the Rotary International area of focus for Maternal & Child Heath, but also crosses into Education & Literacy (as the girls would be home-schooled on site. When tested on average these girls are approximately 3 years behind academically).

There are 100 girls sold up to 10 times per night in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

See attached statistics and other documentation.


Photo of Event


S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

This fair was a vocational event that included booths where students can come and take a vocational assessment questionnaire to see what vocation might best suit them. Local businesses had hands demo stations at booths so that students could meet and understand various industries and what is involved with various vocations. Rotary helped to get local businesses to participate and also had a "What is Rotary" table to introduce students and their families to Rotary. We passed out Rotary brochures and materials and spoke to the students about Rotary and Interact Clubs. Several Rotarians that have businesses participated by having a hands on booth as well.

This was not only a vocational and educational project, but was a great community event that helped to spotlight what Rotary is all about and promotion of a positive image for Rotary.


Welcome Children Back to School with Rotary Pencils

Rotarians greet families and children back to school at Jackson Elementary School with Rotary logo pencils. This is a great way to boost Rotary public image. We are there at the door when the families arrive and give out pencils and greet and shake hands with family. It is inexpensive, but is great for public image and helps the students as well.