Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a BIG problem and not just around the world, but surprisingly in our own communities.

Atlanta is one of the top 10 cities for Human Trafficking. This form of Slavery has no economic or racial boundaries and our club has decided to be proactive.

Clayton County Public Schools, Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services have partnered with our club to be the first county in the state of Georgia to hang Human Trafficking Awareness posters in all of Clayton’s middle and high schools.We expect these posters to potentially be seen by over 35K students not including the faculty and staff. Awareness and prevention is the key, and many young people get trapped into an initial deceptive web and are taken into this horrific form of slavery because they are naive and trusting.

We are in the process of partnering with other Rotary clubs around our area to form the South Metro Human Trafficking Council to encourage other Clubs to be proactive in reaching their schools systems and communities too.

Our club is also partnering with Gigi’s House, a home which will house, counsel, and school human trafficking victims to help them escape this devastating life style. Our district grant along with funds from our club have purchased furniture for the home.The home is almost complete and we are having collection drives for clothing, personal articles, school supplies, and cleaning supplies for these victims.

This initiative touches at least five of the Rotary areas of focus.