Giving Side of Christmas- Joy of Giving for Kinship Care Children

The Rotary Club of Lake Spivey/Clayton County's "Giving Side Of Christmas" program is unique! Our Club invites children from Kinship Care, a program where children are raised by grandparents, to join us for a night of fun and "buying" presents. The children enjoy a pizza party while making out their Christmas list of people they would like to "buy" presents for. They are then given a personal shopper to go around and "purchase" a gift for every family member. Each child was given one Lake Spivey Clayton County "Rotary buck" for each person on their list. The "dollar bill" has the picture of our current President. After purchasing the gifts, the children are taken to a wrapping station to have them wrapped and tagged. They then have an opportunity to play and of course, visit with Santa.

The gifts were donated by members or purchased by the club. The purpose of this project was to teach children the joy of giving. When they leave, they go home with Christmas to give. This is our eleventh year for this project.

Partner Involvement
Jonesboro First Baptist Church Kinship Care